It is the responsibility of the consumer to check that Fast Adjusters comply with the rules and regulations enforced by the governing body or karting organisation they are competing under.

Fast Adjusters have been developed so that they are up to specification with all karting regulations, however this is not guaranteed. Our products have been stress tested and are frequently checked as part of Fast Adjusters quality control.

FIA-CIK Technical Regulations:

2.13) SEAT
The Driver’s seat must be so designed that it is located to prevent
the Driver from moving towards the sides or front when cornering
or braking.
Seats for Superkarts must incorporate a head-rest.
In all other categories, the seat support reinforcement plates are
mandatory for the upper part of the seat. Reinforcement must have a
minimum thickness of 1.5 mm, a minimum surface of 13 sq cm or a
minimum diameter of 40 mm.
All supports must be bolted or welded at each end and if these
supports are not used, they must be removed from the frame and
from the seat.

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