Joey Hanssen
1 x World Champion, 3 x Dutch Champion, 2 x Australian Champion (KZ2)

“The seat position is a key part to a fast kart setup, my team changes their seat position quite frequently and at almost every track we go to. The seat position is something we always make sure is right for the conditions.
This new product makes it super easy to adjust in between sessions and saves a lot of money as you don’t have to constantly buy new seats.
Hanssen Motorsport Drivers are now using Fast Adjusters and Currently leading the Dutch Kart Championship in KZ2.”

James Golding
Australian Kart Champion, s5000 & Supercars championship driver

“When we first tested the Fast Adjusters on track, I couldn’t believe how quickly and easily the seat could be adjusted in such small increments. The changes made such a significant impact to kart handling and speed once I found the correct position. It reinforced how important having the correct seat position is. Without the Fast Adjusters I never would have found this advantage. Seat position is such a difficult and time-consuming change to make, hence why most people never change it. I have now utilised this tuning tool at every track and seen results. I now know it is the most important part of the kart setup to get right”