Fast Adjusters are a go kart seat adjustment system that allows you to find the fastest seat position for any kart, driver, and track combination.

The driver is half the weight of the vehicle so if their weight is out of position the kart will be unbalanced, difficult to drive and slow. Many kart manufacturers will supply a set of dimensions for the average seat position but that will not be specific to every driver. This system gives you the ability to adjust the seat position efficiently and accurately.

Fast adjusters are an adjustable bracket made up of two CNC machined pieces of high-grade aluminium. They include a lower piece bolted to the chassis, an upper piece bolted to the seat and a connecting bolt for adjustment. These two brackets for the lower mounting of the seat work hand in hand with a stainless steel plate for each side seat bolts to pass through. The system has 60mm of longitudinal adjustment in 10mm increments.

If you use seat stay/struts it is recommended that each Fast Adjuster kit is used in conjunction with a secondary set of side plates. This will achieve maximum efficiency when adjusting the seat position.

*Refer to the Benefits page for more information on Fast Adjusters*