• Policies 

  1. All karts listed in guide are based off current models as of June 2023.
  2. Fast Adjusters does not guarantee fitment to all makes, models, seats and positions.
  3. A refund of the full purchase amount may be granted, provided the product/s are returned at the buyer's expense and are in the same (new) condition that they were received.
    b) It is up to the discretion of Fast Adjusters to decide if the product/s are in the same (new) condition.
  4. a) All fixings supplied for Fast Adjusters fitment are based off an average seat position.
    b) Fast Adjusters does not guarantee fixings will fit all makes, models, seats, and positions.
  5. Fast Adjusters must be fitted to kart correctly using instructions provided with the product.
  6. Fast Adjusters are not responsible for any damage caused to the seat or chassis of go kart.